Pizza Takeaway & Delivery In Exeter

Pizza Delivery In Exeter

Takeaway Pizza

Any of our famous pizzas can be ordered for collection. Simply make your choice from our menu and give us a call on 01392 210590 to place your order.

Pizza Delivery With Deliveroo

You can order our 12” pizzas or sides for delivery from our restaurant on the Quay to your door, through our partnership with Deliveroo. We can also provide both vegan and gluten-free pizza, and you can even order online.

Alcohol Delivery

There’s nothing worse than a party running dry! Thankfully, we’re here to keep the party going as Deliveroo can also deliver drinks straight to your door. Simply click below to order away!

Pizza Delivery In Exeter
Sample Pizza Delivery Menu

Menu subject to change please check Deliveroo for confirmed menu

Vegan pizzas, tapas, starters and sides also available

Three-style!   (VA,VEA,GA)

Your favourite three toppings on our tomato & cheese base.

12″ £12.50
Margherita (V,VEA,GA)

Cherry tomato halves, mozzarella and basil oil.

12″ £9.50
Hawaiian (GA)

Pulled ham hock and juicy pineapple chunks. For every Hawaiian pizza we sell, we donate 50p to our Making a Difference scheme.

12″ £11.50
Americana (GA) 

Loaded with slices of our smoked pepperoni.

12″ £11.50
Mexicana (GA, Hot)

Beef chilli con carne base, jalapeños, nachos and Mexican cheese sauce.

12″ £13.50
Black & Blue Quattro Formaggi (V, GA) 

Our take on a classic with mozzarella, Cheddar, blue cheese and black cheese.

12″ £12.50
Crispy duck (Ga) 

Shredded confit duck with cucumber, spring onions andChinese hoisin sauce.

12″ £12.50
Forever Green (V,GA) 

Basil pesto base with ribbons of courgette, grilled asparagus and finished with Parmesan-style cheese and pea shoots.

12″ £11.50
Spinny Goat (V, GA) 

Crumbled goat’s cheese with spinach, topped with toasted pine nuts and sun-dried tomatoes.

12″ £11.50
Flaming veggies (V,GA,Hot) 

A spicy mix of peppers, red onion, jalapeños, sweetcorn, mushrooms and a dusting of cayenne pepper.

12″ £11.50
Fully loaded

Pulled ham, pepperoni, pork meatballs, salami and BBQ chicken.

12″ £13.50
Spanish sausage  (GA)

A rich mix of chorizo, smoked pepperoni and salami sausages.

12″ £12.50
Mama Meata 

A meat-feast of pepperoni, pork meatballs, pastrami, olives, mozzarella, rocket and Parmesan-style cheese.

12″ £12.50
Napoli (GA) 

Anchovy fillets with black olives and basil oil.

12″ £11.50
Siciliano (V, VEA, GA)

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes and olives, topped with rocket.

12″ £11.50
Southern Clucker

Buttermilk-coated chicken with roasted peppers and Baconnaise®.

12″ £11.50
Fiery Inferno (GA, Hot) 

Dry-smoked pepperoni and chorizo sausage with red onion, jalapeños and a dusting of cayenne pepper.

12″ £12.50
Cowboy (GA) 

Pulled ham hock, BBQ chicken and smoked pepperoni.

12″ £12.50
You’ve Pulled (GA)

BBQ base with pulled pork, pulled chicken and pulled ham, topped with smoked cheese.

12″ £13.50
2 for £12 Cocktails
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